Haiti Cherie

It has been three weeks since we got back from our trip to Haiti and I’m finally getting around to this post that has been simmering since then. It is hard to put our trip into words. We went to celebrate Troy and Vilna’s wedding and it was so special to finally visit the country that I have loved from afar for so long!

The Travel

Grael was a wonderful traveler and it was great fun to travel with family. Thankfully I love airplanes and we were blessed with good flights and no problems.

IMG_0614IMG_0098 - CopyOnce we got there transportation was an adventure. We did a lot of riding in the back of pick up trucks. Somehow it felt fine to do there even though I here I am a little crazy about car seat safety. I told myself that I would leave my “American eyes” at home and try to see things the Haiti way. I just love the reminder that the world is so much bigger than my normal. We rode to market, the beach and a sight seeing trip to the mountains this way.

IMG_0843 IMG_0914

The Activities

We arrived in Haiti on Monday afternoon and while everyone else in our group headed right out to Water For Life headquarters in Cayes our family got to stay in Port Au Prince and visit a few places! We got to go to our agency’s guesthouse and meet our family coordinator. Somehow we forgot to take any pictures but it was awesome to meet the person that helped us put our dossier together. It’s amazing what email can do but it is so much better to be able to meet in person!

Tuesday morning we got to visit The Apparent Project. It is an awesome artisan community that uses discarded items to upcycle them into beautiful things. I had been saving cereal boxes for them. Grael even got to watch the cardboard beads being made and bring one home.


Grael’s special bead made while she watched.


Just a small portion of the beautiful jewelry they make


We had a wonderful trip to the beach. Along the way we got to stop at the school that was started by Water For Life and it was fun for Grael to see kids her age and what school was like for them!IMG_0241 - Copy


We had to let Lorelei and Reist know how much we missed them!


A lot of our time was spent doing projects and playing as well.  Grael was so glad to have another little girl to play with and they quickly became partners in everything. It was also special to meet and play with her new cousin, Kurtis!IMG_0881IMG_0778IMG_0742IMG_0144

The Sights

Talk about beauty! Haiti has amazing views and gorgeous nature!


One morning I woke up early and the sunrise was worship


The blues were so blue and the greens so green!


IMG_0867 The ocean always makes me stand in awe of our big God!

The Food

Oh my, the food was delicious! We enjoyed rice and beans and delicious sauces, fresh grapefruit, bananas, pineapple and avocados, mashed plantains and pikliz and plantain chips. I want to learn to cook a few of the amazing dishes we had while we were there!

IMG_0157 - Copy IMG_0903

The Wedding

Saturday started off with rain but turned into a wonderful day to celebrate Troy and Vilna. We were honored to be a part of their day and are so glad to welcome Vilna and Kurtis into our family!


IMG_7845 edit The happy family!

IMG_7684 edit

Kurtis enjoyed his front row view


The Miller family! (Just missing Blake, Lorelei and Reist)


We had such an amazing time and I already can’t wait to go back!


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