Out of the “first trimester”

When I got the call in January that we had officially been accepted into AWAA’s Haiti Adoption program I couldn’t stop smiling. I texted Ryan that we had been accepted and said that I felt like I did each time I found out I was pregnant. Side note for a funny story about that. That day his phone split the text and and he saw the “I’m pregnant” part first. he may have had a slight freak out moment before he saw the first text that said “I feel like…” That provided a great laugh later. It was true however that I spent the day smiling and floating around imagining how this paper pregnancy would go.

The first trimester paper chase took much longer than I anticipated. However, a few weeks ago I felt like we finally left the first trimester. Our dossier was submitted to IBESR at the end of October! 🙂 What does that mean? It means that all those documents we collected like sheriff’s letters, background checks, psychologist exams, bank letters, references, birth certificates, medical exams and doctors letters, and home study are in the hands of the Haitian adoption authority. This mean that the next step that we will find out about is referral. It is so exciting to know that we have entered the next waiting stage. Even if the wait is long we will wait expectantly and hopefully with patience as God works behind the scenes.


5 thoughts on “Out of the “first trimester”

  1. Wow! I am walking with you and the family on this journey. Praying every step of the way. So reminiscent of Cody and Kristina’s story of Mia’s adoption from Guatemala. Our Mia is now 11 and texted me last evening to ask how she could pray for me this week! God is so very, very good! Love you!


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