How it all started

Short story version –

Ryan came home one day and said “I think we should adopt”. I said “I think you’re right” and that was it.

Long story version –

That day in 2006 Ryan heard a radio program about orphan care. As he listened, God placed in his heart the desire to adopt. When he came home and talked to me it just fit and I knew too, that adoption would be part of the way we would build our family. Looking back I think it’s a little crazy that we didn’t have more agonizing or wondering if this was the right path but God made it clear and since then He has deepened our desire to adopt and continued to call us forward.

In the same way that we were clearly drawn to adoption we knew that we wanted to choose Haiti as the country of our children’s birth. Ryan’s family has been involved in missions there for much of his life with Water for Life in Haiti. We researched and discovered that we would have to put our plans on hold because Haitian law required that prospective adoptive parents be married for 10 years. So, life continued with our plans on hold but always there.

Fast forward to 2013. We were still a few years away from our 10th anniversary but we found out that Haiti changed their law to require only 5 years of marriage. That is when we started researching in earnest and praying in a new way about details. On December 30th we sent our application in to America World Adoption and started the long and exciting journey of adding two children to our family.

Stay tuned for more of the story…..


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